Let’s get moving!

Perhaps it is time to use the blog feature of my site; it seems like the time, as I just finished my blog of my adventure in Ireland. If you want to read this, you will find it here: A Viking in Dublin.

I am going to use this blog to share updates on my projects and what I am doing. For instance, I just recently returned home to Denmark from a year of living abroad in Dublin, Ireland. Now, I am looking for new adventures and projects (both new and old) to work on.

I have a few ideas and these are as followed:

  • Comic strip for DeviantArt
  • Writing for Joleen and my shared blog Ubiquitous Bunny
  • Write fiction and manuscripts

I am currently unemployed and looking a for new job, but to keep myself occupied and not get too restless I usually get creative. By default I find myself very creative, as I love to create things, be it stories, art or simply content. It is a wonderful way of staying active and using ones mind and hands, when you have nowhere to go during the day.

So let’s get creative!

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